B&W P9 Signature Over-Ear Headphones

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Product Overview

P9 Signature is our best sounding headphone to-date and in our continued quest for True Sound features new in-house developed piston-diaphragm speaker drivers. P9 Signature also features exquisite materials and superior comfort for the complete personal listening experience

They look kinda retro with their brown leather earcups and have brand new 40mm drive units that have been angled inwards to create a more direct listening experience.The driver suspension is more like a traditional speaker than a pair of headphones allowing for a freer driver movement in an effort to deliver better frequency response.

What HiFi Magazine says of the Bowers and Wilkins P9......"There is no doubt that the P9 Signatures are a very talented pair of headphones.No matter what you feed them,they find themselves right at home,delivering a sound that is not only accurate but that's enjoyable too."They gave the P9s a 5 out of 5 star rating in their review.



• P9 features an optimised cabinet, decoupled headband, and advanced new drive unit to deliver colouration-free sound

• The drivers' angled mounting plates provides exceptionally spatious stereo imaging 

• Leather memory foam earcups provide superb comfort combined with noise isolation

• Stamped Saffiano leather and forged aluminium construction provide a durable, luxurious finish

• Completing the package is a set of quality cables and accessories including Alcantara travel case



• Nylon damped cone with acoustic coating

• Large surround diaphragm

• CCAW coil with external large pole magnet

• Dual cavity ear cushions

• Controlled acoustic air-leak cushions

• Changeable ear cushions

• Detachable cable

• Folding (hinged) design

• Drive units: 2x ø40mm (1.6in) full range

• Frequency range: 2Hz to 30kHz

• Impedance: 22 ohms (passive)

• Distortion (THD): <0.2% (1KHz/10mW)

• Inputs: 3.5mm stereo jack (TRRS 4-pole CTIA spec.), (TRS 3-pole unbalanced stereo spec.), 2x microphones supporting CVC2 algorithm

• In-Box accessories: 1.2m MFi cable (TRRS 4-pole CTIA spec.), 1.2m Standard cable (TRS 3-pole stereo),  5m Standard cable (TRS 3-pole stereo), 1/4” audio jack adapter plug, Protective pouch

• Weight: 415g

Warranty Information

Two Years