Focal Diablo Utopia loudspeakers pack a devilish punch for their size

Focal Diablo Utopia loudspeakers pack a devilish punch for their size

Since their emergence in 1979, Focal have consistently pushed the boundaries of convention drive and speaker design. First making a name for themselves as manufacturers of high quality drivers, Focal quickly expanded their operations to include the design and manufacturing of loudspeakers. Still, it would not be a stretch to suggest that their success in the loudspeaker industry is a result of their constant innovations in driver design and production.

Among their more substantial innovations is their “W” composite sandwich cone, first seen in Focal’s original reference Utopia series in 1995. By using twin glass fibre layers sandwiching a foam core, the “W” composite driver achieves a rigidity and speed of movement far superior to popular materials like Kevlar. Now in its third generation, this technology has improved in the intervening years, but can still be seen in the Focal’s flagship line – the Utopia series.

The entry to Focal’s Utopia series is the Diablo Utopia bookshelf loudspeakers. By no means entry-level, the Diablo is the product of almost four decades of innovation and chasing after the perfect sound. The Diablo Utopia exhibits smooth highs, crystal-clear mids, and effortless bass. Punchy and deliberate without being overly forward, the Diablo Utopia is easily among the best bookshelf loudspeakers we have ever heard.

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4th Aug 2017

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