Klipsch R14-M Bookshelf Speaker - Bring Your Music To Life

Klipsch R14-M Bookshelf Speaker - Bring Your Music To Life

5th Nov 2017

Klipsch R14-M Bookshelf Speaker - Bring Your Music To Life

Klipsch is a legendary American loudspeaker manufacturer that was founded by Paul Klipsch in 1946.Some of his early classic speaker designs such as the La Scala and The Cornerhorn are still available today and certainly compete well with their current day competition.A distinctive trait with all Klipsch Loudspeakers is their "Live" sound.

The Klipsch R14-M packs a punch for its small size - turn them on - and surprise yourself.With the same desaign characteristics as its bigger brothers.The R14-M delivers a surprising sonic experience - the live sound in a small package.The Klipsch sound as defined by its history brings an unexpected surprise to the music listener.Special nuances and dynamics reveal the intent of the artist and open up emotions that allow us to enjoy the the true message that the artist intended. Klipsch call them Reference speakers because they take you back to the original - and remind you of what the artist meant to be delivered to the listener. Klipsch's horn technology is based on their history that cannot be denied - the legendary Klipschorn and La Scala that set new standards for live performance domestic speakers.

As an introduction to the real world of high fidelity the R14-M ticks the boxes.The 1 inch aluminium linear travel suspension horn-loaded tweeter delivers that 'live' treble that brings that atmospheric sound to the music. The copper-spun high output IMG woofer provides a surprising bass response for its size. As a package they combine well to provide a balanced detailed and full,rich sound from what is a compact bookshelf speaker.

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