Chord Signature Tuned AES-EBU Digital Cable 1m

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  • Chord Signature Tuned AES-EBU Digital Cable 1m


“The search for an AES/EBU that outperforms the coax cable I have been using has just ended.”

If one type of interconnect has always challenged the Chord design team, it would be the AES/EBU connection.  The problem has always been that whilst we can develop AES/EBU cables in isolation, when it comes to listening tests, we almost always find that the coaxial connection produces the more musically involving sound.

The Signature AES/EBU changes that.  So if your equipment is fitted with AES EBU outputs and inputs, the Signature AESEBU is well worth listening to.

The unique wiring geometry is a result of extensive experimentation with signal paths that remain shielded from each other along the length of the cable.  The conductors are built from the same ultra cast copper that Chord use exclusively for digital connections. The insulation is a specially developed low-density gas foamed polyethylene.

There is a proviso however.  If your components have both AES/EBU and coaxial connections, we recommend that you try to listen to both types of connection for yourself.  In our experience it will be easy to decide which one better suits your system.

Listen to the AES/EBU with:  Anything you like, but do try to compare it to the Signature or Indigo digital co-axial cables and decide which one is best for you and your system. 


The Cable
The Signature AES/EBU is built from three conductors, each separately shielded with a composite twin layer shield. Single crystal Continuous Cast Copper carries the signals, insulation is a gas foamed polyethylene and the composite dual layer shield functions both as an effective shield and a very resistive conductive layer, which makes it perfect for use with digital cables.   The tri-coaxial configuration is unusual but extremely effective.  We use the same construction method with many of our XLR terminated analogue interconnects as well, including the mighty Sarum Tuned ARAY balanced interconnects.

The Plugs
The Signature AES/EBU is heavily influenced by our Sarum Tuned ARAY cables.  The tri conductor configuration means that we can produce a balanced digital cable that closely follows the wiring geometry we use in so many of our other high performance cables. The Signature AES/EBU is fitted with our favourite Neutrik XLR connectors, and crucial to the performance, great care is taken with strain relief in order to avoid an impedance changing compression on the cables.   

Use it with
During extensive testing, the Signature AES EBU was compared to several alternative cables and produced a class leading performance.  However, Chord would suggest that it is always worth comparing the connection options available on your components.  Try the AES EBU against the standard coaxial output and see which one you prefer. 


*Reprint from Manufacturers Website.


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