IsoTek EVO3 Polaris 6 Outlet Filter Board

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Your chance to enter IsoTek’s innovative and multi award-winning range of power conditioning solutions. Polaris is a cost effective upgrade to any audio or audio-visual system, delivering improved performance, protection and astonishing value for money.

All hi fi systems suffer from interference from the quality of the power supplying the system.Unfortunately the power grid attracts contaminents that won't affect your refrigerator's performance,but will detract from the purity of your music listening experience.Even mid-fi systems are affected by the noise that comes down the line.

In addition,unfortunately your power cables to your hifi system also act as antennas and can attract unwanted radio signals that again interfere with your sound.we had a surprising demonstration from the Isotek distributor who showed us clear radio reception through a device he attached to the amplifier power cable.

Isotek is an English company making award-winning power optimisation products for hifi systems.They specialise in delivering clean power to whatever level of system that you have with a multiple product range that caters for all music listeners.their solutions cover a wide range of systems,delivering significant upgrades at competitive prices.They are recognised as the leader in clean power technology,a fact recognised by the brands that have used Isotek in demonstration of their products.These brands include Arcam,Denon,Marantz,Monitor Audio,Onkyo,Pioneer,PMC,Primare and Roksan.

  • Removes Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise.
  • RFI reduction 30dB.
  • Independent outlets stop Differential Mode cross contamination.
  • Unique delta filter topology improves product performance.
  • 13,500A of instantaneous protection, featuring IsoTek’s unique sequential protection system.
  • Internal wiring; multi-strand silver platted OFC copper with PTFE dielectric.
  • Available in UK, EU, US, AU, CH and ZA sockets.
  • Maximum continues power 2,300W.
Number of outlets 6
Type of outlets UK, EU, US, CH, AU & ZA
Standard mains inlet 10A IEC fused
Mains voltage 100-240VA 50-60Hz
Maximum current 10A HRC
Total wattage 2300W (UK, EU, CH, AU, ZA) 1100W (US)
Dimensions 80 x 45 x 480mm (W x H x D)
Weight 1.0Kg

*Reprint from Manufacturers Website.

Warranty Information

2 year warranty