Klipsch Heresy III - Cherry

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Product Overview

Because of its relatively "compact" size, this model offers the greatest degree of placement flexibility in the Heritage Series line. First introduced in 1957, the Heresy, a three-way design, started out as a compact centre channel speaker to accompany the Klipschorn® in three-speaker stereo arrays.

 A true music lover, Paul's goal was to reproduce the excitement of a live orchestra in his living room and the Heresys bring the excitement of the artist,the studio or the rock concert into your living space.

The Klipsch Heresy III can outrun many a tower speaker -- and outlast them. In an age of disposable tech, any speaker that sticks around for five years or more is noteworthy, but Klipsch's Heresy has been in continuous production since 1957. And the Heresy III outshines most contemporary high-end speakers in a few key performance areas.With regards to power, the Heresy III doesn't need a lot of it to make a big sound; it's remarkably efficient, so it can play loud with as little as 10 watts, but it still handles up to 400 watts on "peaks."

The Heresy III's 12-inch fiber-composite woofer is mounted in a sealed, non-ported cabinet. The ultrahigh efficiency of the design must be credited to the Heresy III's horn-loaded midrange and tweeter drivers - more specifically, the 1-inch compression tweeter and 1.75-inch compression midrange driver. Horns are an essential part of the company's DNA, starting with its very first speaker,the Klipschorn, and that one debuted in 1946! Like the Heresy, Klipschorn has never gone out of production, and is still built in Klipsch's Arkansas factory.

Dynamic impact and bass "slam," courtesy of the Heresy III's 12-inch woofer, are extraordinary. Vocals have more "body" and fullness than those from most large speakers. Bass "kick" and definition are exceptional; you'll feel the bass.  Acoustic and electric bass instruments are well-served by the Heresy IIIs. You'd have to spend a lot more on speakers to outdo the combination of low-down clarity and punch.

Play any well-recorded piece of music, turn up the volume, and you'll be treated to something rare, the full dynamic jolts that no small speaker can ever approach. Think full orchestra or Bruce Springsteen in your lounge. Or acoustic duo – they’re not limited by genre or scale. On dynamics, the Heresy III are extremely strong, tracking big swings as easily as smaller ticks. A quality that contributes to these loudspeakers’ live feel.

The Heresy can play louder and with lower distortion than a host of rear-horn-loaded full-range drivers, many of which are handicapped by a short voice coil and thus poor excursion capability. It is a godsend for music lovers in search of a tube- friendly high-sensitivity speaker.  The real surprise is that it is capable of delivering a significant slice of sonic heaven.You will start off thinking the Heresy III would be fun. They’re much better than that. They engage you in ways that other loudspeakers don’t.

The Klipsch Heresy III's do something more: in giving us the unvarnished truth they engage the heart first, the head second.


  • A three-way design using horn-loaded Titanium diaphragm midrange and high frequency compression drivers.
  • Direct-radiating 12-inch woofer for powerful low frequencies.
  • 99 dB sensitivity delivers Smooth, dynamic and low distortion sound
  • Available in a high-quality Black Ash, Cherry, or Walnut wood veneer finish
  • Designed & Assembled in the USA