Marantz PM6006 Integrated Amplifier

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Marantz PM6006 Integrated Amplifier

Marantz is an audio design and manufacturing company that develops mid to high end audio products.Founded by Saul B. Marantz in 1952,he began with the "Consolette" pre-amp.He then went on to design the Model 7 and Model 8 valve amplifiers which even today are still highly collectible and valued at extremely high prices.They have inspired even current day valve amplifier manufactures in their designs to emulate their warm musicality. Marantz in the 1960's and 1970's went on to design some exceptionally high quality solid state hi-fi components that also attracted worldwide acclaim.

Marantz were purchased by Phillips in the early 1980's and went on to design and manufacture some very special CD players.Philips then sold Marantz to Marantz Japan in 2001.At this point it was decided that the company should go back to its roots and design some truly great amplifiers.

The PM6006 is an upgraded successor of the multi-award-winning PM6005. Of course, we have retained the pre-amp and power-amp sections that exclusively feature discrete components – not a single IC in sight of the signal path. 

The PM6006 is upgraded for peak current at the amplifier stage, which makes it possible to refine the sound for you in much more detail. You can connect this superb integrated amplifier directly to a vast range of digital sources and use its superior 24bit/192kHz high current CS4398 DAC to create an unbelievably high level of audio enjoyment with new media.

Furthermore, the unit includes now 2 optical and 1 coaxial digital inputs (an additional optical input from the predecessor, PM6005). And the complete digital section is fully shielded by an extra metal housing to ensure that the digital stage has no effect on the analogue signal. And of course all of the original features - such as five-line audio input including phono, two-pairs of gold-plated speaker connections with the convenience of bi-wiring, and a remote handset - are all still there.

The lower impedance shielded Toroidal transformer, as well as customised components and unique Marantz HDAM modules care for powerful, dynamic and detailed original Marantz sound. In short, the new PM6006 is a new star with excellent genes.

The PM6006 is a characteristically full-bodied and focused Marantz presentation, with plenty of detail to boot. It has a presentation which goes for warmth over outright crispness (as is often the Marantz way), and it puts its foot down on all the right accents.This Marantz lays down the vocals with pleasing insight and paints a serene and calm canvas when required that befits the song being played.

The PM6006 favours a smoother and more wholesome overall tone - but there’s more than enough to dig into without becoming overly analytical or losing any sense of musicality.The balance is tonally even and overall it’s pleasingly insightful, with a nice wide soundstage - but even more so it’s rhythmically and dynamically confident, knitting together instruments. There’s a certain smoothness between strands, yet also enough punch and drive to grab attention, with the Marantz’s keen sense of timing accented by a dynamic range sympathetic to leading notes and auxiliary rhythms.


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Three Year Warranty (1 Year on Laser Assembly & Remote Control)