Musical Fidelity M6 Vinyl MM/MC Phono Pre-Amplifier - Silver

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Product Overview

Musical Fidelity M6 Vinyl MM/MC Phono Pre-Amplifier

The M6 Vinyl is a very high performance, fully balanced, highly accurate phono MM/MC cartridge amplifier in a beautifully designed and executed casework. The unit features three separate, independently selectable cartridge inputs. This allows choice between three different turntables, or multiple tone arm configurations if required. Selectable gain is provided to allow for different cartridge sensitivities and to suit any equipment. Cartridge type and loading is selected by front selector buttons for optimum cartridge performance.

The M6 Vinyl also includes ourrenowned RIAA correction that offers extremely accurate resultsto beyond 80kHz. That may sound extreme, but there is a good deal of information above 20 kHz that needs correction. If it isn’t corrected, it will show itself as ringing and overshoot. With both extraordinarily low noise and exceptional overload margin the M6 Vinyl can comfortably handle even the most demanding of cartridges and satisfy the most discerning of listeners.

Specifications :

Cartridge type:
  • MM
  • MC
Type: Transistor
THD: <0.01%
Frequency Response: RIAA
MM output voltage: 300mV
MM input voltage : 2.5mV
MC input voltage: 250μV
MC output voltage: 300mV
MM input impedance: 47.000 Ohm
MC input impedance: 25 Ohm
MM signal / noise ratio: >90dB
MC signal / noise ratio: >88dB
USB output: NO
2xRCA line outputs: 1
2xRCA line inputs: 3
2xXLR outputs: 1
OTHERS: overload margin: 31dB (for MM and MC cartridges)
:: state of art SMD technology
:: fully isolated inputs allow for switching for aup to 3 turntables at once
:: adjustable input impedance on MC whilst it is playing
:: adjustable capacitance on MM whilst it is playing
Power consumption: <0.5W standby
20W maximum
Height: 10cm (4 inch.)
Width: 44cm
Depth: 38.5cm
Weight: 5.5kg
Warranty: 24 months