Thorens TD 170-1 Turntable

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Thorens TD 170-1 Turntable


The well crafted, fully automatic TD 170-1 comes equipped with three speeds so it can also play shellac records at 78 rpm (the special stylus/cartridge required is available separately). Owing to its truly easy operation, you can start playing your records right away without having to waste time with finicky alignment work. The fun with analogue music starts here!



The TD 170-1 is also available with integrated phono pre-amplifier (TD 170-1 EV).


Thorens is one of the most highly rated brands when it comes to turntables. The TD-170-1 is representative of Thorens reputation for quality with a balance of sonic performance with the convenience of fully automatic operation. There is attention to detail with the inclusion of an Ortofon OM Series cartridge featuring an elliptical stylus to extract even more information out of the record groove whilst lessening record wear. Since it is fully automatic, all you need to do is to depress on the play button, and you will be able to enjoy the songs that the turntable belts out. 

Despite its relatively affordable price as well as the simplistic look, the sound quality itself is something that really stands out. The sound is being played smoothly and seamlessly and it project sounds out clearly. The Thorens TD-170-1 is a great way to enjoying playing records that will bring your vinyl to life.