Thorens TD 402 DD Turntable - Gloss Black

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Thorens TD 402 DD Turntable

The Thorens TD 402 DD comes as out of the box solution for easy use. It has got a very silent, innovative direct drive motor in combination with an integrated phono pre amp and auto start and auto stop function.
Far from simple entry level standard Thorens TD 402 DD uses state of the art technology together with ease of use and perfect sound.

The new tonearm Thorens TP 72 uses a carbon tube, the pre installed cartridge AT VM95 E is mounted in a detachable headshell. The integrated phono preamp can be switched off if necessary.
An acrylic dust cover and a power supply are included.
Thorens TD 402 DD comes as best buy in its price range.


Thorens is one of the most highly rated brands when it comes to turntables. Hermann Thorens founded his company in 1883 to manufacture music boxes in Switzerland.The TD402 DD has a high quality Thorens “look” including a glossy black lacquer frame and a brushed aluminum top plate. The base sits on four elastomer-based feet. The die-cast platter weighs a relatively light 1.5 pounds, topped with a thick ribbed rubber Thorens badged mat.

The TD 402 comes fitted with the Audio Technica AM95E cartridge from their acclaimed Dual Magnet Series with its elliptical stylus that extracts more information from the record groove whilst reducing record wear. With the convenience of its fully automatic operation and inbuilt phono preamplifier the TD 402 DD ticks a lot of boxes with its ease of use and connectivity to music systems.




  • Stable and super silent direct drive
  • Auto Start and Auto Stop
  • Switchable integrated phono pre amp
  • Carbon tonearm
  • Detachable headshell
  • Pre installed cartridge AT VM95 E