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Capture your dreams

The Totem Dreamcatcher will enthrall you with its speed, clarity and constant precision. An absolute true point source imager, the Dreamcatcher will enchant you with its sound staging ability. Compact size speaker with super size fidelity, the Dreamcatcher offers a sublime listening experience.

Totem is a small, Montreal-based manufacturer that's been a darling of the quality-audio set since the late 1980s. The company made its name with small-box designs featuring startlingly clear, uncoloured, detailed sound. The company has since expanded into a full line, from mini monitors to floor standing models at various price points.

The two-way, bi-wirable, rear-ported Dreamcatcher is designed and manufactured in Canada; its drive-units are designed by Totem, but made and assembled in Europe. The 1" titanium-dome tweeter, manufactured by German Acoustik, is mated to a 4" Scan-Speak woofer. Totem founder Vince Bruzzese feels very strongly about sourcing his drivers in the West.

The Dreamcatcher is built using lock-mitred construction, a technique derived from the construction of heirloom furniture, which Totem claims contributes to a speaker cabinet's rigidity, longevity, and visual beauty. The Dreamcatcher uses a "monocoque" construction, which means that the enclosure is effectively a single rigid shell. The unusually extensive attention to internal construction and bracing results in an audible absence of resonant coloration. The end product is sonic focus and transparency that makes you remember why you fell in love with audio in the first place.

From its taut, tuneful, perfectly clean mid-bass to the highest frequencies, there is no trace of coloration or distortion, and they have the ability to throw a wide, deep soundstage. And for such a tiny bookshelf, the Dreamcatcher is able to reproduce, with dense orchestral fortissimos, a reasonable sense of high-level drama without compression or strain. It behaves like a much larger speaker.

The Dreamcatchers designer Vince Bruzzese, has done audio a great service in creating a truly affordable speaker capable of quality, room filling sound, to those who desire very small footprints. If you are looking for a speaker can perform at high-end performance level and truly fit on a normal bookcase, then the Totem Dreamcatcher should rank at the top of your list of speakers to audition.


Design features

  • Compact and aesthetic design
  • High-performance, acoustical finish
  • Large gauge air core coils
  • High-level point source imaging
  • Ideal for two-channel music and home theater systems

Technical features

  • Full mono-shell, hand-assembled chassis
  • Lock mitered cabinet joints
  • Exclusive, hard-wired crossover
  • Solid twin-pair, gold-plated terminals
  • No-compromise drivers


Break in time: 40 - 50 hours
Placement from rear wall: 6"- 3' / 152 - 914 mm
Placement distance apart: 2' - 8' / 610 - 2,438 mm
Frequency Response: 57 Hz - 25 kHz ± 3 dB (in room)
Impedance: 4 ohms
Sensitivity: 87.5 dB/W/m. Maximum SPL 101 dB before dynamic compression
Recommended Power: 20 - 80 W
Crossover frequency: 2.5 kHz, 1st order compensated
Speaker Terminals: 4-way bi-wireable
Woofer: 4" / 102 mm; special long throw. 
Non resonant multi sandwich. 
Cone and dustcap. Large magnet system for greater dynamic linearity.
Tweeter: 1" / 25 mm titanium dome. 
Additional flexible titanium linear suspension incorporated around center dome. 
Extreme high frequency ability and linearity.
Max Spl's: In average room (12' x 20' / 
4 m x 6 m) 
110 dB peaks from 6 units
Dimensions (w x h x d): 5.1" x 11.3" x 7.1" / 
130 mm x 287 mm x 180.3 mm

The speakers require several hours of actual music playing time as a minimal break-in period. During this time, refrain from playing them at very loud levels. You will notice a definite gradual improvement in the cohesiveness of the music reproduction as this occurs.

It is only through the support of advocates such as yourself that true sound can be promoted...

Toe-in: Due to the fact that all Totem speakers have great off-axis dispersion, toe-in is generally not needed. Imaging will therefore be more stable from any point in the room. If the speakers are placed very far apart (over 7 feet) then a slight toe-in may be experimented with. However if room geometry does not permit a straight-ahead aspect they will also perform very well with a slight toe-in.

*Reprint from Manufacturers Website.

Warranty Information

Five Year Limited Warranty