About us

Stereophonic is an Australian owned and operated business. It was first opened about 8 years ago in Harbour Town Shopping Centre in Docklands, Victoria. We started small, but by doing what we love the most, we outgrew the place over the years and in July 2014 we moved to bigger premises in Carlton North, Victoria. Our new store has now 6 amazing demo rooms fully fitted with acoustic treatment thanks to our in-house acoustian.

Stereophonic is not a typical high volume Hi-Fi retail shop, we see ourselves as more approachable and personal. Our team is very professional and we wish to make our customers happy by offering friendly and supportive customer service. The team is driven by a great passion for music and we want to make your listening experience as enjoyable as possible. Therefore, we are determined to fit our customers with the suitable kind of music reproduction and high class home audio equipment, that matches their needs to the fullest. We are proud of being fanatical and passionate about music in all its forms.

Take a look inside Stereophonic:

Meet the people who make it happen:

Victor is the founder and heart of Stereophonic. He has been in the Hi-fi industry for a while and his knowledge and professionalism will help you find the perfect products. It is Victor's calm and friendly nature and his quirky sense of humour that make customers love him.


Val has extensive audio experience and his fun-loving personality and passion for music provide an excellent platform for guiding music lovers on their journey to discovering audio equipment that gives them that special experience.His experience as a professional musician and recording studio engineer complement his knowledge....start talking bass and you are talking Val's language.


Keijo would have to be one of the most experienced turntable experts in Australia.He is a true artisan of the specialist art of phono cartridge alignment - amongst his expertise in specialised audio and system design.His quietly spoken nature disguises a true passion for guiding customers to audio products thats will bring the nuances of the music to life.


Steve's experience and passion for audio is unmistakable.It would seem that nothing gives him more satisfaction than introducing customers to the special world of vinyl and music streaming or helping them with that upgrade that will increase their music listening enjoyment.His passion for audio products that deliver that special experience is obvious and he is happy to explain in laymans terms so customers feel comfortable.


Sandra does more than keep the wheels turning on the administrative side of the business - she is the energy behind the scenes that makes it all work as a well oiled machine.All online orders receive her caring touch when she ensures everything leaves the store on time.