"Thank you helping us in the decision and test sessions for choosing the right, optimaly balanced solution of UK sound clear and crisp & German precision in the mechanical sound movements. Such an inspiring solution."

- Val and Kao.



"I just received my Isotek Sirius power board, and WOW! I kid you not, the sound has improved, and just as importantly my power amps have absolutely NO audible hum anymore. Even my wife walked in and was amazed the hum was gone (and she is as keen on hifi as an Amish person!). I really can confirm it works, and now after seeing the size difference of the Isotek power cord, I have no problem in replacing my Naim standard issue ones, which are about half the circumference of the Isotek. Another great purchase from Stereophonic, I am very happy with your relaxed no pressure approach to service. Too many salespeople are hard core, and are willing to push anything to get a sale. That approach in HiFi is completely detrimental to positive relationships being formed, and long term customers being found. I am a happy customer who will shop with you for a long time, knowing I get the right information for me, every time."

- Steve Coon 


"I visited Stereophonic on Friday and spent over 3 hours in the store auditioning several Dynaudio speakers.  I ended up ordering a pair of Focus 160 speakers in Rosewood.

The entire process was fantastic. The consultant, Victor, never rushed me but instead allowed me to listen to the speakers for as long as I needed.  He set me up in one of their dedicated listening rooms and gave me the freedom to explore the potential of each of the speakers at my own pace (and volume levels!!) with very little interruption. He also willingly to swapped between a few of the different models to really help me narrow down the options and make the final decision.  In the end I really felt like I was able to choose the right speaker for me.  I have never had an experience as good as this in any of my previous hi-fi purchases (and believe me I've made a few hi-fi purchases over the years!!).

I can whole heartily recommend Stereophonic to anyone who cares about good sound and is looking for a retailer that will help them find the right products to meet their needs and wishes."

- Paul Janssen



"I am so happy to finally have a system that I thought would remain forever a pipe dream. I have been extremely happy with Stereophonic’s service and manner. Whilst it took a little while to get custom cables made, I can already hear an improvement on the initial setup. I will have no hesitation in contacting them in the future for any gear I need. (if I win $70 million this Thursday they need to be prepared!!!)"

- Steve



"Thank you very much Stereophonic for your excellent service and product explanation recently.
I visited stereophonic looking for a minisystem. I didn't know what I could expect from the options available. Vincent explained, in simple terms, the differences between different products available at different types of stores and also the different models available at Stereophonic. I am very happy with what I bought. To top it off, Vincent kindly delivered my new purchase on his day off.
I would definitely highly recommend Stereophonic for anyone looking to buy anything audiovisual."
- Meredith Kermode



"Victor was kind enough to show me around the impressive shop, and the great listening rooms available for auditions.  It was a very pleasant shopping experience for me.

I had very high expectations of my M1 CliC and I’m very happy to say it hasn’t disappointed me.
My system is based on Musical Fidelity X-series gear, mostly about 7 years old but still sounds great.  The M1 CliC fitted in rather nicely among it’s older family members.  I had been very happy with the sound of my X-Ray v3 CD player, connected via an X-DAC v3.  One of the first things I did was to connect the X-Ray to one of the M1 CliC’s digital coaxial inputs to see if there was any difference.  Now the X-DAC is a fine D/A converter indeed but I found the M1 CliC DAC presented a more detailed, precise yet smoother sound if that’s possible!  This was a very pleasant surprise and very encouraging.
Since that initial experiment, I have ripped a large part of my CD collection to lossless FLAC files on my NAS.  I connected the M1 CliC to my LAN via wi-fi and prepared myself for the worst, expecting dropouts, buffering lags and so on.  Once again, the M1 CliC surprised me.  Contrary to some reviews I read, I have not experienced a single dropout with any flac file up to 96 kHz, even though the indicated signal strength is weak!   I initially started looking for differences between the sound of a ripped file against the original CD.  At first, I thought I could hear a difference – the CD somehow always sounded slightly better, more open, and with better bass presentation.  However, over time, the gap has narrowed to the point where I struggle to hear a difference any more.  I remember Victor telling me that the M1 CliC would need time to “burn-in”.  I think he was right.
Recently I downloaded the 24/192 version of Cat Steven’s “Tea for the Tillerman” album from HDTracks.  I was aware that MF says that the wi-fi connection only supports up to 96 khz but I just had to try it for myself.  Well, I was just blown away by the clarity and impact as the first track, Where Do The Children Play, got under way.  It played most of the way through before it started to drop out.  But the dropouts were short and I persisted.  Some tracks actually played with no interruption!
I then down-sampled the file to 96 kHz.  This played flawlessly and with a very similar level of impact, albeit with maybe a touch less smoothness and extension (or was I imagining this?).  Regardless, I was still very impressed.
I do intend to organise a wired LAN connection in the near future and expect that that will result in even better performance.
I was very pleased with the M1 CliC and it continues to surprise and delight me.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great network player/DAC/pre-amp at a very reasonable price."

- Martin



"I am amazed that my amp is able to extract information from CD’s that I have never noticed before. I have listened to a particular track by the Shadows called Spider Juice for about 37 years. There is a middle 8 section where I’ve never been quite certain what is going on--there are two lead guitars playing different melodies that fit together. I have always heard the sum but I could never pick out the parts. Played it through the Primare and I had an aha moment. I could discern what was going on in the left and right channels. This is a track I had listened to on good headphones. But I had never heard the recording with such clarity.
Now I must admit that this enhanced resolution is good and bad. It’s good to hear the sound stage and everything that was actually put down by the artist—some CD’s now sound sublime. But it means that some songs that were old friends have  ... well changed. I have to get used to hearing everything with cleaner definition. I don’t listen to CD’s in the car any more because they now sound poor. There is a cost in having one’s ears better educated!
Some of the CD’s I had thought sounded good through the Denon AVR now sound bland—Carly Simon’s Have You Seen Me Lately now sounds a bit bland. And some CD’s that I thought were really ordinary contain hidden gems all over the CD—Diana Krall’s CD’s, Chris Rea’s Auberge CD and Joe Satriani’s later CD’s are now much more musical.
Above all, I now can understand the lyrics much clearer.
My guess (hope) is that the amp will continue to improve sonically. And that’s good because I am really enjoying listening to music at the moment."
- Michael Brooks



"We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the stereo system and the service from Victor at Stereophonic! The sound,the technology and the quality is fantastic. Victor you know your stuff!  You are willing to spend time with customers and really help with “what we wanted”. Thanks for all the help and support. I’m having an absolute ball!"

- Jeanine & Susan Styler



"My delivery arrived on  Friday and I have set it up by myself today and I am more than happy with the quality, I had forgotten how great real music can sound, my husband says I need a sub woofer now! Looks like he is hooked now. Oh no, what have I done!!!!!

Thank you for supporting me in my decision, I felt your advice was genuine and not just to get a sale. It was a pleasure doing business."


- Ruth Carey


"I purchased a pair of noise cancelling headphones from Stereophonic on Monday lunchtime and they were in my office by Tuesday morning. Great service. You will definitely see me again."

- Tony Jennings



"I just have to say to the team at Stereophonic, thank you for not making me feel like a fool with all my silly questions. It was a real pleasure and I love my 2 channel system."

- Trisha Maretoni



"My wife and I thank you for your support for helping us set our new Multi Room Sonos System. We appreciate your gesture for hanging back after work so you could help us over the phone for over an hour."

- Grant Grimes



"Just had to say thanks for my new system and for your patience with all the different variety of components we listened to. Well done Stereophonic!"

- Frank Masone