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Inceiling/Inwall Speakers

  • B&W CCM664SR In-Ceiling Speaker (each)

    B&W CCM664SR In-Ceiling Speaker The CCM664SR is a dual, two-way ceiling speaker combining two offset tweeters and a twin voice coil bass/midrange driver to allow either for a combined stereo signal from one speaker, or for rear-channel surround sound...

  • B&W CCM665 In-Ceiling Speakers (pair)

    B&W CCM665 In-Ceiling Speakers  The entry-point in the CI600 in-ceiling range, the CCM665 is perfect for smaller listening areas like bathrooms or kitchens. The speaker features a 150mm (6in) woven glassfibre bass/midrange driver and a soft...

  • B&W CCM663SR In-Ceiling Speakers (pair)

    B&W CCM663SR In-Ceiling Speakers   A high-performance, in-ceiling surround speaker that’s ideal for the surround sound channel in a home theatre set-up, or for bringing stereo sound to rooms where space is limited. The speaker...

  • B&W CWM652 In-Wall Speakers (pair)

    B&W CWM652 In-Wall Speakers Slightly smaller than its two bigger cousins, the CWM652 still packs a very powerful punch thanks to top-range technologies. Its 130mm (5in) blue Kevlar® bass/midrange driver is housed in a die-cast chassis,...

  • B&W CWM664 In-Wall Speakers (pair)

    B&W CWM664 In-Wall Speakers  The CWM664 has the same basic features and dimensions as the CWM663, but uses a soft dome Nautilus tube-loaded tweeter instead of an aluminium dome, and a black glass fibre bass/midrange cone instead of blue...

  • B&W CCM664 In-Ceiling Speaker (pair)

    B&W CCM664 In-Ceiling Speaker  The CCM664 features an adjustable, tilt-offset 25mm (1in) soft dome tweeter, and a 150mm (6in) woven glassfibre bass/midrange driver. Quick and easy to install, the speaker also incorporates a three-position EQ...

  • Focal Chorus IC 706 V In-Ceiling Speakers Pair

    The In-Ceiling version of the IW 706 V, the Chorus IC 706 V revisits all the same technology with a 6-1/2"(16.5cm) woofer, coaxial version of the TNV and "Wall Boost Control". It benefits from an update and evolution without concessions as does any Focal...

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  • B&W CCM684 In-Ceiling Speakers (pair)

    B&W CCM684 In-Ceiling Speakers  The entry point among the CI 600 range of 8in in-ceiling speakers, the two-way CCM684 features a 200mm (8in) woven glass fibre cone bass/midrange driver and a soft dome tweeter in a neat circular ceiling mount...

  • Focal Chorus IW 706 V In-Wall Speakers Pair

    Two-way, In-Wall acoustic loudspeaker IW 706 V benefits from all the technology that came forth from the Chorus V range. A superior quality sound in stereo or multi-channel, and an extremely well-adapted surround speaker ready for the Chorus 700 V and...

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  • B&W CCM7.5 In-ceiling Speaker (each)

    B&W CCM7.5 In-ceiling Speaker  While it might be the entry level speaker in the CI700 in-ceiling range, the CCM7.5 certainly doesn’t skimp on high-spec features. While it might be the entry level speaker in the CI700 in-ceiling range, the...

  • B&W CCM663 In-Ceiling Speakers (pair)

    B&W CCM663 In-Ceiling Speakers   This high-performance 6in in-ceiling speaker features a Nautilus swirl-loaded 25mm (1in) aluminium dome tweeter that pivots for adjustable off-axis treble response. Other highlights include a...

  • B&W CWM7.5 In-Wall Speakers (each)

    B&W CWM7.5 In-Wall Speakers  The entry-point in our CI700 in-wall speaker range, the CWM7.5 is the smallest of the three speakers but comes packed with superb, reference-quality features such as a 130mm (5in) bass/midrange driver set in a...

  • B&W CWM663 In-Wall Speakers (pair)

    B&W CWM663 In-Wall Speakers The CWM663 features a 150mm (6in) blue Kevlar® bass/midrange driver housed in a die-cast chassis, providing extra rigidity for cleaner, faster bass. The speaker also incorporates a 25mm (1in) Nautilus tube-loaded...

  • B&W CCM7.4 In-Ceiling Speakers (each)

    B&W CCM7.4 In-Ceiling Speakers   The mid-point for in-ceiling speakers in the CI 700 range, the CCM7.4 features a wealth of high performance technologies, including two 130mm (5in) bass/midrange Kevlar® drivers.   The mid-point for...

  • B&W CWM7.4 In-Wall Speakers (each)

    B&W CWM7.4 In-Wall Speakers   The mid-point in the CI700 range of in-wall speakers, the CWM7.4 has a more manageable size than the CWM7.3, but comes with a similarly impressive set of features, such as a 150mm (6in) bass/midrange driver...

  • B&W CWM Cinema 7 In-Wall Speakers (each)

    B&W CWM Cinema 7 In-Wall Speakers CWM Cinema 7 contains four top-quality drivers and a tweeter. It's designed for use as a front left, centre or right speaker - for serious power and audio quality, with simple installation. Range, clarity and...

  • Focal Chorus IC 706 V ST In-Ceiling Speakers Pair

    The IC 706 V ST is a stereo loudspeaker perfect for small rooms without losing any information from the left and right channels. Also recommended for the repetition of several identical emission sources, or as a simplified surround solution. Key...

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  • B&W CCM683 In-Ceiling Speakers (pair)

    B&W CCM 683 In-Ceiling Speakers  The CCM683 features a 200mm (8in) Kevlar® cone bass/midrange driver and a Nautilus swirl-loaded aluminium dome tweeter that pivots for adjustable off-axis treble response. The CCM683 shares most of the...

  • B&W CCM662 In-Ceiling Speakers (pair)

    B&W CCM662 In-Ceiling Speakers   The top 6in in-ceiling speaker in the CI 600 series. This high-performance speaker features a Nautilus swirl-loaded 25mm (1in) aluminium dome tweeter that pivots for adjustable off-axis treble response...

  • Focal 300 ICW 8 In-Wall/ In-Ceiling Loudspeaker (Pair)

    Focal 300 ICW 8 In-Wall/ In-Ceiling Loudspeaker (Pair) Your 300 ICW 8 built-in loudspeakers have been designed to deliver the most faithful sound reproduction, whether they are used for stereo music or home cinema. They are discreet loudspeakers which...

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  • B&W CCM682 In-Ceiling Speakers (pair)

    B&W CCM 682 In-Ceiling Speakers  A high performance ceiling-mount speaker featuring a 200mm (8in) Kevlar cone bass/midrange driver with a rigid die-cast chassis, and a Nautilus swirl-loaded aluminium dome tweeter that pivots for adjustable...

  • B&W CCM7.3 In-Ceiling Speakers (each)

    B&W CCM7.3 In-Ceiling Speakers The CCM7.3 is a three-way speaker featuring true audiophile technologies such as a Nautilus tube-loaded 25mm(1in) soft dome tweeter, a 100mm (4in) FST™ Kevlar® mid-range and two 130mm (5in) paper/Kevlar bass...

  • Focal Electra IC 1002 In-Ceiling Speakers Pair

    In-Ceiling adaptation of the Focal IW 1002, the In-Ceiling Electra IC 1002 is a high-end hifi loudspeaker, equipped with an exclusive coaxial driver, with W cone and Al/Mg tweeter, for maximum musicality and power-handling. Perfect for a quality main...

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  • B&W CWM7.3 In-Wall Speakers (each)

    B&W CWM7.3 In-Wall Speakers  Our top range in-wall speaker, the CWM7.3 is a mighty three-way unit bringing together tried and tested audiophile technologies with new innovations specially developed for custom installation. The speaker features...

  • Focal Electra IW 1002 In-Wall Speakers Pair

    With its sealed volume and its advanced technology including the Al/Mg dome tweeter of the Electra 1000 S line, the IW 1002 offers high-level sound performance in hifi as in multichannel systems, such as a 2-way traditional high-end loudspeaker would do...

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  • Focal Electra IW 1002 Be In-Wall Speakers Pair

    Its sophisticated design enables it to compete with any high-end loudspeaker thanks to its pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter and its latest generation W cone woofer loaded with integrated sealed volume. The highest-fidelity in invisible version. White...

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  • Focal Electra IW 1003 Be In-Wall Speakers Pair

    True technology concentrate, the In-Wall loudspeaker Electra IW 1003 Be integrates the best of Focal: Beryllium IAL tweeter, Utopia 3 latest generation "W" cones, OPC filtering, passive radiator, this reference In-Wall loudspeaker is the high-end...

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