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Elac Speakers

  • Elac BS 312 Bookshelf Pair

    20 years on … and still going strong Although the concept might not have been new, its implementation was impressively meticulous. A loudspeaker with ultra-compact dimensions that was both...

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  • Elac BS 403 Bookshelf Pair

    Plays like a big one... Although it marks the entry point into the 400 line, the compact dimensions of the BS 403 belie its exceptional capabilities. In small to medium-sized rooms, its...

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  • Elac CC 400 Centre Speaker

    Elac CC 400 Centre Speaker The CC 400 is a 2½-way, bass-reflex design that proves convincingly that a center-channel speaker is more than just one voice among many. It‘s not just the...

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  • Elac CC241.3 Centre Speaker

    Elac CC241.3 Centre Speaker The center loudspeaker is the focal point of every surround-sound system, and is critical for film voices and action. The powerful drive units of the 2½-way,...

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  • Elac CC71 Centre Speaker

    Elac CC71 Centre Speaker The CC 71 center speaker is a 2-way, bass-reflex design that fits neatly under any television set, enhancing the realism of on-screen action with stunningly realistic...

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  • Elac Concentro Loudspeakers

    Elac Concentro Loudspeakers The Concentro is a true benchmark loudspeaker designed to commemorate 90 years of ELAC history and in response to calls for a loudspeaker that rivals—and...

  • Elac Debut A4.2 Atmos Speaker

    Elac A4.2 - Three-dimensional Dolby Atmos® modules. Dolby Atmos® technology expands the sonic landscape, creating a true 3-D space that you’ve got to hear to believe. With...

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  • Elac Discovery DS-S101-G Music Server

    Adding the Discovery Series DS-S101-G Music Server to an existing system is simple. Connect the Discovery to the internet and one of the outputs to the upcoming ELAC Integrated Amplifier or your...

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  • Elac Discovery Z3 Wireless Speaker

    ELAC Discovery™ Z3 Wireless Speaker with 140 Watts of powerful built-in amplification means all you do is plug it in and listen! ELAC’s custom-designed drivers deliver crystal-clear highs...

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  • Elac FS 249.2 Floorstanders Pair

    Based on a meticulously developed and successful concept... ... FS 249.2 is technically sophisticated but nevertheless very straightforward. By exercising masterful control over every frequency...

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  • Elac FS 407 Floorstanders Pair

    Perfection in sound and design... Whilst there has been the highest accolades and hot reviews for the Andrew Jones designed Elac Debut, Unifi and Adante speaker ranges over the last couple of...

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  • Elac FS 409 Floorstanders Pair

    Combining traditional elegance with modern style A loudspeaker concept that could not be more traditional. The key element is the new midrange drive unit of the FS 409. Combined with the JET 5, it...

    As low as $10,995.00
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  • Elac FS 507 VX-JET Floor Standing Pair

    Elac FS 507 VX-JET Floor Standing Pair The FS 507 VX-JET combines the innovation and elegance of the larger FS 509 VX-JET in a more compact, 3½-way, bass-reflex design. It makes music come...

    As low as $16,995.00
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  • Elac FS 78 Floorstanders Pair

    Elac FS 78 Floorstanders Pair Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Do you really need to know how our technicians manage to extract such a huge sound from a small loudspeaker? Perhaps it‘s the...

    As low as $2,399.00
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  • Elac LS 30 Speaker Stands

    The elegant stand LS 30 was designed as an universal stand. Can be used with BS 312, BS 243.2, BS 244.2, BS 192 and other compact loudspeakers. By filling sand into the front and mid chamber of the...

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  • Elac LS 40 Speaker Stands

    The elegant stand LS 40 was designed use with BS 314.  Height: 700 mm incl. spikesFoot: W × D: 285 × 345 mm Available in High Gloss Black finish. * Reprint from manufacturer's...

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  • ELAC Miracord 70 Turntable

    ELAC Miracord 70 is a beautifully designed turntable that will get the best out of your vinyl collection The solid MDF plinth with a high-gloss black fi nish  provides a strong foundation...

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