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Chord Epic Digital Cable 1m (RCA - RCA)

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  • Chord Epic Digital Cable 1m (RCA - RCA)
  • Chord Epic Digital Cable 1m (RCA - RCA)


Chord Epic Digital Cable 1m

High performance Tuned ARAY digital interconnect for use with all audio streaming products

Fitted with high precision gold-plated contact RJ45 connectors.  All conductors are soldered. 

The Epic Digital Streaming cable uses a multiple twisted pair conductors and Tuned ARAY conductor geometry, developed specifically for high frequency digital signals.  The Epic streaming cable has been designed purely for use with high performance audio streaming components. 

Conductors are constructed from silver-plated multi strand oxygen free copper.

The conductors are insulated with a unique hard skin PE dielectric, developed for high speed signal transfer.  Conductors are configured in twisted pairs with individual shielding.  An overall high frequency effective shield is also applied. 

This cable is available in custom lengths to order.

This cable is part of the Epic cable range which includes loudspeaker cables and digital and analogue interconnects.  Epic cables have been designed to perform together.  However, all Chord interconnects and speaker cables follow a similar design philosophy.  This means that all Chord cables ranges are compatible with each other.


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2 year warranty
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