Marantz CR612 Wireless Network CD Player with Airplay

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Marantz CR611 Wireless Network CD Player with Airplay

Marantz was founded in 1952 by Saul B. Marantz in America and soon became famous for his sweet sounding amplifiers. Marantz went on to making award-winning amplifiers and CD players over its 60 year history. The Marantz CR611 benefits from not only the technology and experience in amplifier and CD player design, but also takes the music listener into the digital world with its onboard digital to analogue converter which allows it to support Spotify Connect and network files. There are also digital inputs for connection to a TV and a FM and DAB+ Digital Radio Tuner.The CR611 supports 192khz/24 Bit files so high resolution digital is at your fingertips. The amplifier section has the convenience of allowing individual volume control for A & B zoned speakers.

The Marantz CR611 offers high performance music reproduction within a compact and convenient design.





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