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Get the detail you need from your vinyls with quality turntables from companies like ProJect and Rega. You can find a wide selection of both online at Stereophonic. Both companies have won numerous rewards, and offer quality items. It is up to you to decide what you need from your turntable to make the right purchasing decision. We make it easy at Stereophonic by offering both on our website.

Check Out our Selection of Rega Turntables Online

At Stereophonic, we make it easy for you to buy the Rega turntables you are looking for because we offer a wide selection of their incredible products. We offer products from all of their turntable lines and offer many of the finishes including the Union Jack. Rega fully believes in cutting out high costs by keeping to a minimalist design, so you can get better high quality components at a lower price. This ensures that your turntable will last for many years.

For those who have owned a Rega turntable, you are familiar with the award-winning quality that the company puts into their products. This is because their start began with a man named Roy and his passion for music. At 14, he wanted a record player more than a TV, and his love for music has driven his passion for Hi-Fi products that would not only last but also had incredible performance.

If you are looking to upgrade your older Rega turntables, we can help. We also offer a number of accessories for your Rega turntable including tonearms, moving magnet cartridges, and more. These are a great option for those that still love their old turntables and just need some replacement parts.

Browse ProJect Turntables Online at Stereophonic

You can buy ProJect turntables from our website, offering you another option for your quality turntable needs. We offer items from the DEBUT, ELEMENTAL, ESSENTIAL, and other turntable lines. Those who own or are planning to purchase a ProJect Xtension 9 Evolution from their CLASSIC series should know they are getting a quality item. This particular model was awarded the EISA Award for Best Product 2014 – 2015. Of course, this is not the only award-winning product that ProJect offers that we have for sale. The RPM 10.1 Evolution received the HiFi World Champion award in 2012 for Best Turntable.

We offer both of these award-winning models as well as many of ProJect's other incredible turntables in our store and online. Those who already own one of their incredible turntables should consider the accessories we have to offer to protect and care for your turntable. ProJect also has record washing kits, which we have available.
When it comes to getting quality detail from your vinyl records, a quality turntable is key. Both Rega and ProJect have proven themselves to be excellent options, and we offer both at Stereophonic, so your shopping experience will be easy, safe, and secure. Browse our selection of both companies today, and find the one that meets your needs.