Elac Debut  Series 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers - Better Again!

Elac Debut Series 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers - Better Again!

Elac Debut  Series 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers

Elac Debut 5.2 Speakers

After all the accolades and hot reviews on the original Elac Debut series of bookshelf speakers it would seem to have been a huge challenge for their designer Andrew Jones to upgrade these amazing budget speakers to an even higher level of sonic performance.The new release Debut Series 2.0 benefit from applying the technologies Andrew Jones used in the design of the the Unifi and Adante lines which followed the original Debut Series.

Elac,whilst becoming one of the most famous names in audio over the last few years has actually been around for longer than most audio companies.....1926 in fact.Their worldwide acknowledgement came in 2015 when they hired renowned speaker designer Andrew Jones.His employment portfolio includes KEF,Infinity and Pioneer where he designed the TAD $80,000 Reference One speakers,highly regarded as one of the best speakers in the world.From this experience Jones went on to design the Elac Debut line in 2015.Within 6 months it was the best selling budget speaker line in the US.They simply blew away people's expectations as to how good budget speakers could perform.

In the new Debut 2.0 Series almost everything from the cabinets to the speaker drivers have been upgraded.There are 3 major design changesin the Series 2.0.Firstly,a new tweeter was designed to extend top end response and a better waveguide to house the tweeter. This provides a wider dispersion,enhancing stereo image and reducing cabinet interference for better treble clarity.The woofers are now made of Aramid fibres which allows Elac to push the bass even deeper......amazing considering their fame for the bass response in the Series 1.0.Even the cabinets have thicker MDF and more internal bracing for a more neutral sound.A new front facing port allows them to be placed closer to walls.They still come in the B5 and B6 bookshelf sizes and are complimented by the F6 floorstanding model.

In facing the challenge of bringing even more to the new Series 2.0 Debut by employing the technologies learned in designing the other lines it would seem that Andrew Jones and Elac have done it again.....improved on a highly successful formula for a quality budget loudspeaker.The new Elac Debut 2.0 Series is at Stereophonic.Come in and spoil yourself at a very affordable price.

Elac Debut 6.2

5th Oct 2018

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