Harbeth Super HL5 Plus Loudspeakers - Simply Stunning

15th Sep 2016

Harbeth Super HL5 Plus Loudspeakers - Simply Stunning

"Put simply,Alan Shaw's  Harbeth's  Super HL5 Plus is one of the most beautiful sounding speaker systems I have heard since the original Quad electrostatics.The comparison is not stated lightly.the transducer has the same musical authority,naturalness,midrange beauty and really extraordinary top to bottom coherence that I've heard from very few dynamic speakers of any type,persuasion or expense"An amazing compliment from The Absolute Sound Magazine review of the Super HL5 Plus.

The Super HL5 plus is the latest generation of Dudley Harwood's original HL monitor:the cabinet is still manufactured in the  BBC tradition of removable "thin wall" panels for a totally true-to-life sound.Although the Super HL5 Plus due to it's super tweeter is technically a 3-way design,in a practical sense it functions more as a 2-way with top-most octave extension from the super tweeter.The 200 mm mid/bass driver is Harbeth designed and made in-house.The midrange is everything we have come to expect from Harbeth,stunning and seamlessly integrated to the top and bottom ends of the spectrum.To play voice or any kind of acoustic instrument either solo or part of an ensemble is to bring a smile to your face.

The Harbeth Super HL5 Plus is truly an Award Winner as well.Awards received include:

Editor's Choice Award 2016 The Absolute Sound

Recommended Component 2016 by Stereophile

Product of the Year 2015 The Absolute Sound