How to clean your records: a guide by the staff at Stereophonic

Stereophonic's guide to record cleaning products

There is something glamorous about a sizable vinyl collection. The aesthetic of the hi-fi system, the ritual of putting a record on the turntable platter, the warmth and comfort of the sound produced.. But it's time to talk about a side of collecting vinyl that is slightly less glamorous albeit absolutely necessary: cleaning!

With the expansion of record collections among vinyl enthusiasts and the increasing production of high-quality records, the task of vinyl clean is growing ever more important. A bottle of alcohol-based cleaner, a stylus brush, and an anti-static brush are essentials for every vinyl owner – and can be purchased conveniently with the Record Cleaning Box Set from AM. In addition to these essentials, we're here to let you know what options are out there to help you keep your records clean.

Record Revirginizer is the product of Aussie inventor Cary Stoddard, who brought the product to public awareness when it was featured on ABC's The New Inventors. The idea of the product is simple: you apply a dollop of the viscous liquid onto one side of your record, spread it around the grooves, and peel it off once it's dry. The liquid sinks deep into the grooves of the vinyl, picking out bits of dirt or dust that would be impossible to remove with conventional cleaners. The genius of Record Revirginizer is that it leaves absolutely no residue on the record. The result is stunning, breathing life back into your favourite records. It costs only a few dollars per record to use Record Revirginizer – well worth the cost for revirginizing the favourites among your collection!

Next up is the Spin-Clean Record Washer Mk II. The Spin-Clean is a simple enough device, but it is effective at making light work of cleaning a lot of records in a short period of time. Using a spray bottle of alcohol-based cleaner and a microfiber cloth may do the trick if you only have a handful of records, but the Spin-Clean is the saviour to those of us with 100+ records in our collection. Using distilled water and the supplied cleaning fluid you simply fill the Spin-Clean's "bath", put its cleaning brushes in place, and spin your record on the rollers provided. After a quick wipe-down with the supplied microfiber cloth, your record is good to go! And all that in a fraction of the time that it would take unassisted.

No one would suggest that the Spin-Clean is not a serious product, but Austrian vinyl wizards Pro-Ject Audio have created a piece of record cleaning equipment for those who are really serious about their records. The Pro-Ject VC-S cleans records with incredible speed and precision by simultaneously vacuuming dirt from the records and wet-cleaning with dual goat hair brushes. Included in the VC-S package is a bottle of cleaning fluid and clamp to secure records and keep any labels dry. "Once you go VC-S, you don't go back" doesn't necessarily roll off the tongue as an adage, but we can testify to the truth of the statement!

Regardless of your particular needs, we will have something to help ease the burden of cleaning your records and keeping your vinyl sounding crisp and clear! If you want to have a chat about how we can help you get the most from your vinyl, call us today or make your way to a Stereophonic shop front.

14th Jun 2017

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