​Pro-Ject Audio’s Signature 12 turntable exhibits two and a half decades of design excellence

Pro-Ject Audio’s Signature 12 turntable exhibits two and a half decades of design excellence.

Founded in 1990, Austrian turntable manufacturers Pro-Ject Audio are relative newcomers to the market. With other well-known manufacturers having a decent headstart – Thorens started manufacturing turntables in 1903, Linn and Rega in 1973 – Pro-Ject have had their work cut out for them to catch up to these giants. However, with their focus on innovation and producing turntables of exceptional value-for-money, Pro-Ject have done just that.

Pro-Ject Audio have become well known for producing turntables that fit every conceivable niche, as well as bringing high-end concepts into a much lower price bracket than one would normally expect. Hence, we see $599 Pro-Ject turntables with carbon fibre arms and suspended motors – technologies that, until recently, would have never been seen in a deck priced under $1000.

Pro-Ject would not be able to bring high-end concepts and features into entry- and mid-level price brackets if they had not already worked with the technology at a high-end price bracket. At the peak of their range is the Signature series, where they utilise cutting edge technologies and techniques to ensure that detailed reproduction of your vinyl collection is the focus, with as little interference and resonance as possible.

Each aspect of the Pro-Ject Audio Signature 12 is manufactured with the ideals of clarity and precision in mind. From the 10.55kg platter to the magnetically decoupled chassis, the body of the Signature 12 is built to avoid any possible interference or inconsistency in sound. From the single pivot-point of the tonearm to the flywheel belt-drive, the Signature 12 is designed to get as much information from your records as is possible – and no information transferral from the motor or any other component.

At the end of the day, it’s all about sound quality – and that’s something you’ll have to hear for yourself. Contact us today to organise a listening session.

31st Jul 2017

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