Sugden A21 is made with as much love as it was 50 years ago

Sugden A21 integrated amplifier is made with as much love as it was 50 years ago

In 1967, James Edward Sugden produced the world’s first Class A, solid state amplifier available for commercial purchase – the A21 (pictured above). This also marked the first unit manufactured by the now-iconic British audio company, Sugden. 50 years on, Sugden still stand out as an exemplary manufacturer of hi-fi amplifiers, and as a brand with a heavy emphasis on integrity.

Sugden is unusual in that all of their equipment is manufactured and assembled in-house in England. Not only that, but each individual amplifier is made from start-to-finish by only one craftsperson. There are few brands that can boast such personalised attention to their products across the board, and this attention to detail makes itself known in every aspect of a Sugden amplifier.

In the light of Sugden’s 50th anniversary, we thought it worthwhile to highlight the modern iteration of the amplifier that started it all – the A21. Sporting 23 watts of pure Class A power per channel, the A21 is capable of driving bookshelf speakers and smaller floorstanding speakers with exceptional finesse. As with all Sugden products, the top-end is smooth and detailed, the mid-range warm, and the bass tight and punchy.

The aesthetic design of the A21 is minimal and the bodywork exudes quality – as might be expected given that the unit is entirely handcrafted. The A21 is equally capable of fading into the background of a room’s design or standing front-and-centre as the room’s highlight – though, the A21 will undoubtedly be the room’s sonic highlight.

If you want to witness this piece of audio history in the flesh, make your way to a Stereophonic showroom today and request a listening session.

13th Jul 2017

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