Tivoli Audio Music Songbook MAX

Tivoli Audio Music Songbook MAX

Introducing the Tivoli Audio SongBook MAX - A Portable Powerhouse of Sound

Searching for a timeless, modern and high-quality portable sound system that delivers a bold audio experience? 

Look no further than the Tivoli Audio SongBook MAX. Packed with innovative features and boasting a vintage design with bold colours, this speaker is designed to elevate your listening experience to new heights.

Unleashing Big Sound and Connectivity

The SongBook MAX is not just about style; it’s also about substance. 

With a 50-watt amplifier, including a 4” subwoofer, midrange driver and 0.75” tweeter housed in a rear-bass cabinet, this speaker delivers loud bass and crisp highs for an immersive audio experience. Whether you’re streaming music via Bluetooth, tuning in to FM radio, or connecting your turntable or guitar through the preamp, the SongBook MAX offers versatility in its audio sources.

Timeless Design Meets Modern Technology

The SongBook MAX seamlessly blends timeless retro-futuristic design with cutting-edge technology. Its analog controls and EQ knobs provide hands-on user-friendly adjustments for personalised sound settings. 

The carry handle adds to its portability, while the rechargeable battery ensures up to 10 hours of continuous playback. The inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity, fast PD charging via USB-C and the IPX4 rating for water resistance ensure that this speaker a versatile companion for both indoor and outdoor use.

A Tribute to Music Design Quality

Tivoli Audio’s SongBook MAX pays homage to the love of music and design quality that the brand is known for. 

With CEO Paul DePasquale at the helm of its creation, this speaker embodies sleek modern aesthetics combined with acoustically pleasing performance. The blend of nostalgia with cutting-edge features secures the SongBook MAX as a standout product in the realm of portable Bluetooth sound systems.

So, if you’re seeking a portable powerhouse that marries style with substance, the Tivoli Audio SongBook MAX is a top contender. 

Its blend of premium audio quality, timeless design elements, and modern technology make it a must-have for music lovers and design connoisseurs alike.

The Songbook MAX is available in Cream/Brown and in Green

20th May 2024 Joe

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