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Project Signature 10 Turntable

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Project Signature 10 turntable features

• Mass-loaded belt drive sub chassis design  

• Magnetically decoupled main platter  

• Resonance-optimised alloy With built-in TPE damping  

• Inverted main bearing with ceramic ball  

• Motor control system for perfect speed stability  

• Single-pivot tonearm Signature 10  

• Chassis with magnetic decoupling  

• High gloss metal surface  

• High class finish options: black piano


Audiophile beauty with “state of the art” quality for vinyl lovers!  

Signature 10 is a non-compromise high end turntable/arm configuration with a sophisticated concept combining mass-loaded with floating turntable principles. Magnetic feet and TPE-pillows decouple the resonance-free metal granulate filled MDF-chassis from surface. The subsequently benefits from a wonderfully resonance-free, heavy platter, that runs ultra-silently on an inverted ceramic ball bearing with magnetic suspension and is also TPE damped. The new 10” single-pivot tonearm is a genuine Pro-Ject design. With its wide range of adjustment possibilities and the choice of adequate counterweights, nearly all cartridges can be mounted. Signature 10 is an audiophile marvel, that represents our championship in precision engineering and our deep love for music!  

* Reprint from Manufacturer's website.


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