Rega Planar 1 Plus Turntable

Rega Planar 1 Plus Turntable

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The current Rega Planar 1 is the most successful turntable that Rega has ever made - and Rega has been making turntables in the UK since 1973.Rega asked themselves, how do they make the most successful turntable they have ever made sound better, be even easier to use and be more accessible to a wider audience?  The answer was simple; their engineers added a custom designed, high quality, moving magnet phono stage based around the multi-award winning What Hi-Fi? 5 Star Fono Mini and thus the Rega Planar 1 Plus was born. 

For the Planar 1 Plus, they wanted to optimise this circuit for ultimate performance so they have removed the USB interface and used the money saved to improve what was already a stunning disc stage. 

The new built in stage offers the ability to connect the Planar 1 Plus directly to almost any system that has a standard line input via a standard phono to phono cable (supplied) or phono to 3.5mm lead. Simply put, there is no need to purchase a standalone phono stage or use an amplifier with a built in stage. Your Planar 1 Plus will connect directly to any standard Line Level input (such as you would connect a CD player to).

There are obvious audio advantages to housing the phono stage directly beneath the tonearm. The carefully shielded tonearm wire is soldered directly to the stage which prevents any unwanted pick up noise via the usual external cable between the arm and stage.

The Planar 1 Plus benefits from all of the advantages of its sibling, the Planar 1, such as a low noise 24v motor, precision hub bearing assembly and hand made RB110 tonearm with a factory fitted Rega Carbon cartridge.The bearings for the Rega tonearms are hand picked by trained Rega staff to ensure optimal tracking of the record groove.The Rega Carbon eliptical stylus ensures maximum music information is extracted from the record groove and record wear is minimal. Set-up remains possible in under 30 seconds making this the easiest to use, and most flexible Rega turntable to date.Every Rega turntable is now bench tested for a minimum of 12 hours in the Rega factory in England prior to packing and shipping to ensure quality control.Listening to the atmospheric sound of vinyl played on a Rega turntable is truly special experience.

Stick on your favourite LP, sit back and enjoy!



Built-in Phono Stage  All new design Tonearm 
Cartridge - Comes fitted as standard 24v Synchronous motor
New design thermoset plinth All new design Balance weight - designed to plug n' play

Vinyl Cleaning

Vinyl Records are inherently statically charged and attract dust, fluff and grit like a magnet. To protect that atmospheric sound of playing your precious vinyl we highly recommend you invest in the anti-static Project Record Brush. It will prevent your stylus running over these contaminants and damaging your records. 

The AM Record Cleaner Box Set not only includes the Anti-Static Record Cleaning Brush but also an equally important stylus cleaner to remove the build up on the stylus due to playing your vinyl. The record cleaner fluid and cloth are the perfect solution to cleaning up your record collection and optimising your vinyl listening experience.

 These and other essential vinyl cleaning products are in our Vinyl Related Cleaning Products section.


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