Kanto Audio TUK Premium Powered Speakers

Kanto Audio TUK Premium Powered Speakers

Discover the Kanto Audio TUK: Premium Powered Speakers

Welcome to our deep dive into the world of high-fidelity audio with the Kanto Audio TUK Premium Powered Speakers. If you’re an audiophile, a tech enthusiast, or someone who simply appreciates great sound quality, you’ll want to read on to learn about these feature-rich speakers that promise to elevate your listening experience.

Unmatched Internal Technology

The Kanto TUK is powered by a 130W RMS class D amplifier, delivering 65W RMS to each channel. This robust power setup ensures that every note and beat is reproduced with precision and clarity. The inclusion of full digital signal processing (DSP) allows for meticulous tuning of the speakers, ensuring they deliver the exact sound profile intended by the engineers.

One of the standout features is the active crossover network. This technology filters out frequencies below 80Hz when connected to a subwoofer, enhancing low-end resolution and allowing for cleaner, more accurate bass reproduction. This means you get a richer and more immersive listening experience without any muddiness in the lower frequencies.

Advanced Bluetooth Capabilities

For those who prefer wireless audio streaming, TUK has you covered with its aptX HD codec support. This allows for hi-res audio streaming over Bluetooth, providing better-than-CD quality sound wirelessly. Additionally, standard aptX and AAC codecs are included to ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices while maintaining excellent audio quality.

Superior External Components

The external components of TUK are designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. The 28 mm x 35 mm AMT tweeter is incredibly lightweight, allowing it to react faster than standard dome tweeters. This results in quick, accurate treble reproduction. The pleated construction of the AMT tweeter also improves efficiency by increasing surface area, enabling more air movement compared to similarly sized dome tweeters.

The 5.25” aluminum driver is another highlight. Its rigidity prevents deformation even at high volumes, reducing distortion and ensuring that your music sounds as clean and precise as possible.

User-Friendly Features

Kanto has made sure that using TUK is as intuitive as possible. The input LED display provides visual confirmation of which input is being used, eliminating guesswork when switching between devices. You can adjust or turn off the brightness of these LEDs according to your preference.

A unique addition is the 3.5mm headphone output on the front of TUK, allowing you to use headphones with any audio source connected to the speaker without needing a separate headphone amplifier.

For vinyl enthusiasts, TUK includes a built-in dedicated phono preamp and a separate RCA input specifically for line sources. This eliminates the need for additional gear when connecting turntables and other analog devices.

Versatile Connectivity Options

TUK offers multiple connectivity options including Phono in, USB in (supporting up to 24 bit/96 kHz), Optical in (also supporting up to 24 bit/96 kHz), RCA in, Subwoofer out, USB charge port (supplying up to 2A), AC input connection & fuse panel, output terminals for passive speakers, and a power switch.

The optical input provides flexibility for connecting TVs, PCs, or digital audio players while maintaining high-quality digital audio transmission.

Remote Control Functionality

The remote control included with TUK offers extensive functionality beyond basic operations like volume adjustment and input selection. It allows you to enable or disable features such as automatic power-up/down settings and individual EQ settings for each input source through Bass/Treble Memory (BTM). You can also swap L/R stereo output channels directly from the remote.

Ideal Uses

Turntable Setup

With its built-in phono preamp and dedicated RCA inputs for phono sources, TUK simplifies vinyl playback setups. You can even connect headphones directly for private listening sessions without needing extra equipment.

Desktop Setup

To avoid noisy onboard PC audio outputs prone to electromagnetic interference, TUK’s USB input provides a solid digital connection supporting up to 24 bit/96 kHz resolution. The volume control integration between your operating system and TUK ensures seamless adjustments whether you use your computer or the speaker itself.

Living Room Setup

Thanks to its versatile connectivity options including optical inputs compatible with TVs and other digital devices along with Bluetooth streaming capabilities via aptX HD codec support – setting up an immersive home theater system becomes effortless using just two speakers plus optional subwoofer if desired!

Smart Home Integration

The USB charge port supplying up-to-2A power makes it easy integrating smart home devices like Amazon Echo Dot into your setup while keeping them charged throughout usage periods!

Whether you’re looking at upgrading existing systems across various applications ranging from turntables desktops living rooms smart homes alike; there isn’t another powered speaker out there matching feature-set offered by Kanto Audio’s latest flagship model - “Tuk”!

24th May 2024 Joe

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