Cayin SC-6LS Mk2 Valve Pre-Amplifier

Cayin SC-6LS Mk2 Valve Pre-Amplifier

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  • The new design SC-6LS MK2 deployed advanced vacuum tubes, coupling capacitor, carbon film resistor and a variety of high-class components. Effectively improved performance and audio quality. Collocated with 9084D MK2, creates the evolutionary home audio system concept.
  • Constructed linear amplifier circuit with FOUR Electro-Harmonix 12AU7EH Preamp Tubes.
  • Advanced rectifying circuit with TWO RCA 22DE4 Rectifiers.
  • Deploys Multicap Coupling Capacitors & Takman Carbon Film Resistors.
  • Designed for 15dB gain.
  • Customized EI-Core Power Transformers.

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